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Stress and Anxiety

Do you feel like your thoughts are out of control, or that constant worry is running your life? In today’s society, anxiety and stress run more rampant than ever before. Panic attacks, social anxiety, GAD, phobias, chronic stress, acute stress, and more all fall under this diagnostic grouping. It has always weighed on me that while these issues are so incredibly common, many still feel powerless to fight them. To make things worse, anxiety and stress are notorious for exacerbating other mental health disorders, and can even cause physical ailments such as hypertension and heart problems. The biological responses to the symptoms in this grouping are very similar to each other, and now with our knowledge of neurobiology growing at an incredible rate, we are more able than ever before to understand and combat these responses. In sessions, I use that groundbreaking knowledge in the field of neurobiology, along with mindfulness, body-based techniques, and grounding techniques to help you find relief. This is an area of psychology that I feel very well versed in as a therapist, not only because I see it so often in my clients, but because I have battled stress and anxiety myself. You don’t have to fight it alone, we're in this together.

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