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Trauma Therapy

Do you feel “stuck” or bound to a memory of a negative experience? Do you experience insomnia, nightmares, or flashbacks, or notice that you startle more easily than before? Do experience feelings of worthlessness or shame? All of these and more are common reactions to a traumatic experience. The persisting symptoms may be mood-based, behavioral, or even physical like GI disturbance, and they may occur shortly after or years after an identifiable traumatic event. Trauma responses are merely your body’s way of

attempting to cope with a shattering experience; a reaction to an action. As an experienced trauma therapist, I take a highly empathic, non-judgmental, mind-body approach. I don’t ask what’s wrong with you – I ask what happened to you. In trauma therapy sessions, I may use a knowledge of neurobiology, somatic-based techniques, shame resolution techniques, and skill building to help you find relief. You don’t have to settle with “just getting by”, you can feel whole again.

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