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Hey, y’all! 

My name is Anna,
I'm the Millennial Therapist.


You may be wondering what psychotherapy is all about and if it can really help you. Starting therapy is a huge step to take, but it doesn’t have to be scary. I am here to demystify the process for you and explain what you can expect from me as a therapist.


I treat all adults in both individual and couples therapy formats, but I particularly specialize in therapy for the millennial age group. Helping young adults navigate the life transitions common of the 20-something and 30-something age groups is a cause that I’m passionate about. We as a generation experience a very unique combination of sociological, political, and environmental factors that contribute to problems such as high anxiety rates, “fraud syndrome”, and increased loneliness just to name a few. We are also supposedly more connected now than at any other time in humanity thanks to technology and globalization - so why doesn’t it feel like it? We may not be the first generation to experience loneliness or anxiety, but we do experience these problems at record high rates and the way we experience these problems is notably unique. 


The world is different than it used to be, so it follows that the way we survive and thrive within it is different too. I use this contextual framework to inform the therapy I do with my clients. Some of my particular interests as a therapist include chronic stress, anxiety, depression, high-pressure tech careers, sexual dissatisfaction, and trauma therapy. Read more about my specializations here.


I’m an open book. feel free to give me a call or shoot me a message, I’d love to get to know you over a cup of coffee. Free 20 minute consultations are always available over the phone or in person, no strings attached.

All the best,



Common concerns that I treat for include:

Relationship worries




Feelings of not being enough
Chronic stress

Low confidence
Low libido

Desire to explore/develop sexual self

Processing shame related to sex

Break ups

Anna R. Campbell

MA, LPC intern

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